Cigar Review: Nub Habano 358

The Skinny:

Cigar: Nub Habano 358
Origin: Nicaragua
Length/Ring: 3.75″ x 58
Shape: Nub
Wrapper: Habano

I had a little conversation with the Rocky Patel rep the other day while over at Barrister Cigars during the launch event for the Rocky Patel summer series and they were moved to follow the same game plan that Sam Leccia was following for the Nub. They felt the hype created by the Nub was unmatched by any other cigar in a long time.

Fast forward to the other day when I was sitting around the table at Barrister Cigars and we were discussing the potential staying power of the Nub. Because let’s face it, at first appearance it looks like a novelty. Will the cigar last, I think it has potential, but not at the current hype the cigar is getting. The cigar has a few issues that will have to be addressed, one of which is the wrapper tends to crack or split during smoking from time to time. More so then other cigars.

The cigars had some oils visible on the wrapper as well as some glue from the label. There was a lot of glue to be precise, but I sniffed glue in the past, so why not smoke it. The cigar was spongy to the touch, and my humidor has been perfection all summer long with a 68 % humidity and 65-68 degrees. On the pre-light the draw was smooth and had hints of tea and it reminded me of freshly cut grass. Meanwhile to the tongue I managed to get the sense of tea and pepper.

Smoke: What amazaes me about the Nub is the cigar does not get hot this includes smoking it all the way down til you can’t hold it no more. It remains cool to the touch and to the palate. The cigar was full-bodied and I had zero problems with the draw. The taste was true to the scent for the most part. I was able to taste Tea, Grass/Hay/Earthy notes, and some cedar. My one problem is that about half way though I developed a 1/2 inch split in the wrapper.  These production issues have to be fixed in my eyes for the cigar to remain popular.

Overall, I am a big fan of the Nub. For me the cigar isn’t as good as the Cameroon version, but they are very close. For now the Nub has me as something I enjoy smoking. However, I could see my patience running thin if the cracks continue to happen. For now I will just chalk it up to the demand.

Price: $4.75
Rating: 88 (Out of 100)