Cigar Review: Rocky Patel Summer Collection 2008

The Skinny:

Cigar: Rocky Patel Summer Collection 2008
Origin: Nicaragua
Length/Ring: 5″ x 50
Shape: Robusto
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Grown Wrapper from Sumatra Seed

In my previous review I spoke of an event over at Barrister Cigars for the launch of the Rocky Patel Summer Collection 2008. The only problem was the cigars had to be purchased by the box at the event with no samples to see if it was a worthy purchase. Not wanting to get burned with a Java like cigar, with the help of Mr. Mallow, owner of Barrister I found a partner to split a box.

I’ll be the first person to admit, I did not bother too much with the pre-light ritual prior to my true understanding of cigars. I did not realize how much it effects the smoking experience til I started reviewing them.

Pre-Light: The wrapper of this cigar seemed a little thin, and veiny. It had some oil showing through, and with my trusty V-Cut in in hand I snipped the top of the cap.  The wapper had a spicy scent, while at the foot the cigar had some pepper, and cedar notes to it. Upon the draw of the cigar I also picked up some orange peel.

Smoke: So once again I began my day at the beach with this beauty, in fact below this section is a photograph of the view from where I sit to enjoy my smoke. Upon lighting the cigar, the first taste I picked up above all else was orange peel. It was accompied with some light pepper. The cigar had no burn issues, a great draw and a nice white ash. I found myself often licking my lips to get the citric flavor of orange from my lips.

Overall: While the press release said this was a full bodied cigar it did not come across as one. It was in my opinion a medium bodied cigar at best. The flavors were incredible, and the orange peel notes I picked up were perfect for a summer day. I regret partnering up to split a box, as this is a really good cigar with a really nice finish.

Price: $8.50
Rating: 90 (Out of 100)