Cigar Review: Pinar Del Rio Classico Exclusivo

First of all let me give a big thank you to Walt over at for allowing me to use his photo of this cigar. My camera failed me for some reason and the memory card was wiped out. No big deal as normally I would take another photo but I had none left in my humidor.

For a long time Pinar Del Rio has been on my radar but finding them in stores has been hard to do. Lately though I have noticed them appearing in more and more places. During my recent trip to the Dominican Republic for La Aurora I noticed the new factory that Pinar Del Rio built. From the outside it looks beautiful and I wished I was in my own car to stop and say hello. When I returned home I was shocked that I had not yet smoked any of the Lancero Classico Exclusivo sticks I had resting in my humidor. Today I smoked the last of those, and this is the review.

Cigar: Pinar Del Rio Classico Exclusivo
Size: 7 x 38 (Lancero)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticu
Binder: Domican Habano
Filler: Nicaragua & Dominican Republic
Strength: Mild/Medium
Facebook: Pinar Del Rio

Appearance and Construction: I had this cigar sitting in my humidor for some time and was surprised to see a nice amount of plume on the gorgeous Connecticut seed wrapper which had a some tooth and a nice amount of oils as well. The cigar had a nice weight to it, and felt not only heavy in the hand but it had a density as well. There were no soft spots, and a well packed foot. The stick utilized a dual band system, one the classic Pinar Del Rio crest, and the second denoting exclusivo.

Flavor & Notes: The prelight draw of this cigar offered some intriguing notes of wood and spice while the foot reminded me of wood and figs. When I first lit up the cigar had a dry taste to it and I was happy I had a bottle of water with me. As I progressed into the first third the primary note was nuts, with a nice woody spice through the nose. The second third of the cigar I begin to pick up the occasional  note of licorice that was teasing me as I progressed through the stick. The notes of nuts and woody spice remained. The final third of this slow burning cigar offered me some more of what I experienced in the first two thirds but despite the lack of change this stick kept my interest to the nub.

Smoking Characteristics: Time. That is what you will need for this cigar. It took me just over 2 hours to smoke which is long for a lancero. The cigar had a slow burn that was incredibly straight and never once went out on me. The medium to dark color ash held on a lot long then most lancero smokes. But, what really stood out is how much smoke this cigar produced and how pleasant the aroma was.

Conclusion: Pinar Del Rio seems to have a plan and are executing it perfection. This is a brand that has continued to pick up steam over the years and is grabbing hold to a piece of the market. With cigars to please all smokers it is hard not to find something that they make to suit your tastes. All though the cigar sounds a bit one dimensional the taste was nice and defined and extremely pleasant which will keep me coming back for more.

Rating: 89
Price: $5.00 MSRP